Aurora Fiddle Society Workshops

The Cause

Aurora Fiddle Society (AFS) is a community arts and culture organization established in 2008, primarily as an adult fiddling organization. Bi-weekly jams occur from September to June, with 3 or 4 weekend workshops during the year.
Membership over the years has ranged from 30 to 50 members, with individual and family memberships available.
Weekend workshop participation includes 30 participants on average. Some workshop participants have travelled from other communities in the NWT to participate. For these workshops, we bring instructors in from a variety of locations across Canada to provide members experience with a range of fiddling styles. Classes are organized to accommodate adult and youth, from beginner to experienced fiddlers. With 3 instructors, we are able to offer participants the option of participating in either or both of the Saturday and Sunday classes.
The youth program, the Fiddle Cats, began in 2010 to nurture future adult players. It began with 1 class of 6 students, but has expanded to 5 classes at 5 different levels with an average of 35 students enrolled in the program. Class sessions typically run for 10 weeks for the lower levels (with 2 sessions – September to December and January to May), with the more advanced group signing up for a 22 week program. Each program ends with a closing recital. The advanced group performs throughout the year at a variety of events. All classes from the spring session participate in the Yellowknife Music Festival.

Who Will it Benefit?

All members of the fiddling community, youth and adult, and all levels of fiddlers from first time to advanced through both the youth programs and the weekend workshop will benefit from this funding. The community as a whole benefits as Aurora Fiddle Society adult members and the Fiddle Cats have often performed at community events. Some past events include:
• Ecology North coffee houses
• Old Town Ramble and Ride
• Introductory workshop at Folk on the Rocks
• Community fiddle dances associated with weekend workshops
• Performances for Avens at the Baker Centre
• Seniors tea at the Legislative Assembly
• Farmers’ Market
• Canada Day Parades
• Snow Castle
• Long John Jamboree