Awaken The HERO Within

The Cause

Impact Society’s definition of a hero is someone who uses their gifts and abilities to make
a positive change in themselves and others. Since 1994, Impact Society’s HEROES® programs have been preventing youth from becoming youth-at-risk by awakening and building the Impact Society’s definition of resilience is the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change. It is the ability to bounce back and face challenges with greater wisdom...

Can you imagine what would happen if every young person awoke to the fact that they are the hero in their own story–that their strengths are their superpowers, and resilience their secret defence? In order for us to broaden the HEROES experience, the investment required is for our HEROES frontline delivery and curriculum enhancement.

Picture a parent/caregiver that recognizes the strengths, or superpowers, they possess. As they build and model confidence, character, and integrity to their children–they become strong, caring, contributing members of their community.

The HEROES programs focus on celebrating every individual’s existing strengths, not their weaknesses or problems. With this strengths-based focus, we offer youth and their support networks the framework and vocabulary to have the important conversations and develop a key understanding that will create a safe, supportive environment.

HEROES is a simple and effective twelve-session character education experience that helps youth see and build what’s already inside them—greatness. We know (and evidence shows) that positive behaviour follows a positive self-concept. That’s why we focus on building every student’s unique gifts & abilities and develop decision-making processes for long-term success. The HEROES® program easily fits into school curriculum taught by teachers, educators and community volunteers.

HEROES AT HOME focuses on building a foundation of confidence, character, and integrity in the home. It helps parents/caregivers recognize the strengths they personally possess, and how to best use them to build the strengths hero within. We do this by providing tools and resources that build significance, purpose, and leadership skills for youth, families, and the communities that support them. Resilience flourishes when a youth’s family and support systems are equipped to work alongside them as they grow and apply their gifts and abilities.

Who Will it Benefit?

We expect to reach thousands of participants: youths, parents, caregivers, youth workers, and educators with our Heroes at Home program. We hope to provide the materials, training, and ongoing support needed to help those who care for youth continue our Heroes work in schools and in the home. We believe that healthy adults mean healthy children. This isn't just a parenting workshop; this is an opportunity for caregivers to improve upon their own internal values and principles and learn to live into Heroes program themselves. We provide the opportunity for them to turn the spotlight inward, so they can become better allies for those they care for.

Our evaluation plan includes a pre-program and post-program survey that goes out to participants to gauge the outcome. Feedback is also solicited from schools and youth organizations. We ask strategic questions that are designed to demonstrate a person's perception of their own resiliency. We use this feedback to inform our processes and choose the most important changes we make to our programs.