BARS – Rescue Support

The Cause

We have a few initiatives that require financial support:

1. Community Outreach potential. Example: BARS recently had the opportunity to help a local Edmonton family that found themselves overwhelmed and overrun with too many pets. They were unaware that a rescue could help intervene in this situation – specifically with re-homing some of their pets and spaying or neutering the pets they chose to keep. Pet Retention was permitted in this case as the animals were in better condition than the humans. There were 27 animals total and they chose to keep 2 dogs/2 cats. This one initiative has a rescue price tag of approx. $6000.00. We made a public post about this situation on the BARS Facebook page and the response from the public was overwhelming! Because of public support we are able to step up and help out from time to time. It would be nice to be able to help out more often.

2. Low cost spay/neuter program to the public. Being able to offer low cost subsidized spay/neuter fees to those families in need who own pets is very near and dear to the hearts of the BARS volunteers. Funds are always needed to help continue to do what we do.

3. Feral support program. Several years ago we started a feral program with active spay/neuter/release protocols. This is limited to one target area currently - Boulder Blvd - Spruce Grove. There are approximately 75 cats in this colony. Financial support would benefit the spay/neuter aspect as well as help feed the feral cats, especially during our long Winter months when hunting for mice is just not an option.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our aim is to help as many low-income families as possible and to support them keeping their pets, as much as possible. We also aim to find stable homes for any pet that is surrendered to BARS and/or abandoned/abused and rescued by BARS.