Be a BUDDY not a BULLY martial arts youth empowerment campaign Yellowknife

The Cause

Yellowknife seminars open to all children and youth to attend. Seminars are specifically designed to help the youth understand what bullying really is and how it negatively effects the community. We layout out safe and practical ways of dealing with bullies with our be a “Buddy not a Bully” motivational speeches.
3-4 instructors with speeches and live training tactics.
-Definition of Bullying.
-Ways Bullying can affect people.
-Cyberbullying impact.
-Self Defense tactics that work.
The trials and tribulations of a small community in the N.W.T can be overwhelming at times as access and resources just are not as widely available to the smaller communities. The everyday struggle of staying motivated and not drifting into negative activities is a real issue in these smaller communities. Our goal is to reach the kids & youth at a young age in these communities and prove to them that living a health active lifestyle by the way of martial arts training can benefit them spiritually and physically for many years to come. Martial arts training is great for these small communities as martial arts doesn’t require large stadiums or expense gear and martial arts training is a discipline which you can even do solo and benefit from. The resources in a small community always have to be accounted for when planning on introducing any program to these communities and martial arts training is something that all the children can enjoy safely in a controlled environment at school or home building confidence to prevent them from making negative choices in the future. If we can influence the youth to making positive decisions the whole community will benefit as the positive energy will flow through the communities like wild fire making it less popular to be a bully or negative person in these communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

The target demographic is the youth in the community of Yellowknife N.W.T with the ages of under 18. We held these seminars in the past and are very well known in the area of Yellowknife for our Be a Buddy not a Bully program. We would be planning 3 trips up the Yellowknife this year for the anti-bullying tour focusing on schools and recreational sports teams to educated and raise awareness of the issue of bullying. By the use of martial arts training with a fitness blend we connect directly with the youth in the community as we learn together of the hard ships of bullying that affect them daily. We plan to educate and install prevention techniques to work on eliminating bullying in the school systems and communities. There is no charge to attend our seminars on and we welcome everyone. The lessons learned in these seminars can have a lasting effect on the students in a positive way. We average interacting with 500-1000 people per trip for our seminars.