BE-GIRL – Bolstering and Enhancing Giftedness, Inventiveness, Resourcefulness and Leadership Skills in Black Girls

The Cause

Bolstering & Enhancing Giftedness, Inventiveness, Resourcefulness & Leadership Skills in Black Girls

The BE-GIRL program is an initiative aimed at unearthing the hidden or unpublished talents of black girls in Calgary, Alberta. The program is designed to address the barriers faced by girls of color and provide them with opportunities to develop their skills, talents, and leadership abilities, ensuring that no talent goes untapped.

Program Overview:
The LIFF BE-GIRL program seeks to engage black girls through five pillars:
1. Discovery: We will actively encourage girls with talent to come forward and showcase their abilities in various fields.
2. Empowerment and Financial Literacy: We aim to empower girls through collaboration, leadership summits, financial literacy workshops, and vendor showcases, providing them with the necessary skills to navigate the business world successfully.
3. Mentorship: We will facilitate one-on-one mentorship between black girls and accomplished black women trailblazers in various fields such as business, art, non-profit, craft making, STEM, music, fashion, literature, culture, and leadership. This mentorship will serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to help girls unlock their full potential.
4. Connectedness: We will establish connections between the participating girls and potential investors, partners, legal practitioners, and coaches to provide them with a network of support and opportunities for growth.
5. Give Back: We will encourage volunteerism and community engagement among the program participants, fostering a sense of social responsibility and active citizenship.

Program Duration:
The BE-GIRL program will be a one-year program that resets every October 11 to coincide with the International Day of the Girl, a global platform advocating for girls' rights. This annual cycle will provide consistent support and opportunities for girls to overcome mental health issues, racism, and other barriers they may face. The program will offer streams focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, fashion designing, arts, painting and sculpture, STEM, music, community service, and leadership.

Alignment with International Day of the Girl:
The BE-GIRL program aligns with the goals and spirit of the International Day of the Girl. We recognize the urgent need to address the impacts of curtailed rights and gender inequality faced by girls. By providing mentorship, empowerment, and resources, we aim to enable girls to realize

Who Will it Benefit?

The BE-GIRL program is designed to benefit black girls in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The primary beneficiaries of the program are:

Black Girls: The program aims to empower and uplift black girls by providing them with opportunities, resources, and support to develop their skills, talents, and leadership abilities. They will benefit from mentorship, skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and exposure to various fields of interest. The program will help them overcome barriers, build confidence, and pursue their goals with determination.

Mentors: Accomplished black women who serve as mentors in the program will also benefit. They will have the opportunity to make a positive impact by sharing their knowledge, experiences, and expertise with the mentees. Mentors will gain the satisfaction of helping the next generation of black girls succeed, while also expanding their own networks and connections.

Community and Society: The BE-GIRL program aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society by fostering the development of black girls' talents and potential. By empowering black girls to become leaders, innovators, and change-makers, the program contributes to building a diverse and thriving community. Additionally, the program promotes community engagement and volunteerism, encouraging participants to give back and make a positive impact on their communities.

Business and Professional Communities: The program seeks to connect black girls with potential investors, partners, and professionals in their areas of interest. By facilitating these connections, the program benefits the business and professional communities by fostering diversity, talent discovery, and collaboration. It also creates opportunities for businesses and organizations to engage with and support the development of young black female talent.

Society at Large: The BE-GIRL program has the potential to create broader societal impact by challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, and promoting diversity and inclusion. By providing black girls with opportunities to succeed and thrive, the program contributes to a more equitable society where all individuals, regardless of their background, have the chance to reach their full potential.