Beds for Kids

The Cause

Imagine not having a bed to tuck your child in.

For many low income families in Calgary, having a bed is optional. It can only be bought after rent, food, utilities not to mention clothes, school supplies, medicines are taken care of. For low income Calgarians, the critical things they need are never ending.

That is where WINS and the BEDS FOR KIDS project can make an immediate difference. WINS, through our extensive partnerships with over 80 community agencies, can ensure low income women and their families have access to clothing, household goods and furnishings for free. Qualified women can select the items they need from our thrift stores – clothing, dishes, pots and yes, beds. If successful, BEDS FOR KIDS will provide at least 23 twin beds for qualified low income women with children. AND this project will provide the cost of delivery of the bed to each family, many who rely on public transit. BEDS FOR KIDS is the gift of sleep, of making a house a home – of giving parents the tools they need to make a healthy family.

Who Will it Benefit?

BEDS for KIDS will benefit low income women and their children living in Calgary. Last year, WINS helped over 3,500 qualified women and their families by giving them almost $700,000 worth of clothing, household goods and furniture.

BEDS FOR KIDS will provide a minimum of 23 free twin beds and their delivery for children in low income families in Calgary.