Birthday Wishes For Kids!

The Cause

Birthday Wishes

Kids Up Front was founded in 2000 by a man named John Dalziel, and since then, the organization has grown immensely with locations in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax! Since 2000, we've delivered over 500,000 experiences worth over $20 million in Calgary alone.

We think 20 years is not only something worth celebrating but an opportunity to make birthday wishes come true for our kids! We want YOU to be a part of it.

Before COVID-19, we were making birthday wishes come true.

"For the past four years, D's life has been filled with addictions and crime. He has been in and out of rehabilitation facilities for addictions and mental health. A team of police officers, social workers, psychologists and doctors have been working very closely with him throughout the ups and downs of his life. Over the past two years, we have witnessed D slowly but surely enter the journey of healing. There have been many steps forward together, with many steps backwards. He is raised by his single mother, who is battling cancer and would be grateful for any opportunity! Money is very limited and tight for this family, so any opportunity is graciously accepted!" We were able to send this youth to go bowling and enjoy a meal with his close friends and family!

We were also fortunate enough to help a special kiddo meet his favourite NHL player for his birthday, thanks to our friends at the Calgary Flames!

Throughout the pandemic, many things have changed. Nothing is normal. That includes birthdays. Many kid's celebrations look much different, so we want to offer them something that will brighten their day.

Our goal is to send birthday packages to 100 deserving kids in the Calgary area. The kits will be different themes and can include toys/gifts, costumes, decor, activity packages, and more!

Who Will it Benefit?

We pride ourselves on the inclusivity of our programs, and the diversity of the populations we serve.

Kids Up Front collaborates directly with over 300 community social service providers to provide FREE opportunities for recreation, participation in arts and cultural activities, sporting events, and educational experiences for Calgary's most vulnerable citizens.

We serve children under 18 years of age and their families. These children and families are from at-risk populations and often among the most marginalized and invisible in our city.

Our families are dealing with poverty, financial stress, domestic violence and family breakdown, addictions, mental health issues, resettlement challenges, systemic discrimination, educational challenges, life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, and other complex social and personal situations.