Black Girls RoundTable™ – The Power Table Talks

The Cause

EmpoweredMe is planning a four-day Youth summit in January 2022 following the success of "The ME Project" themed "A Girl Can Be… in 2019. Our focus will be to equip Black girls ages 13-18 years old with lasting empowerment to overcome social barriers. We will develop and increase their entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy, communication skills, and connections to mentors to lead with confidence. The theme will be "Black Girls RoundTable™ - The Power Table Talks." This time we are inviting Alberta top women, trailblazers to shake things up and to tell us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur; we have a "Shank-Tank Style" Girlpreneur Challenge Day on day two. The winners get mentorship opportunities with successful women entrepreneur networks—additionally, marketing and communications training to promote their business idea. We want to instill entrepreneurial and leadership skills to Black girls at a young age.

Furthermore, on day two, we set aside an "All about You Day" - The focus on that day will be on issues that matter to them. We want to encourage body peace and healthy relationships. On day three, we want to keep the fun alive by reflecting on culture and heritage using drumming and storytelling from the elders. The day will focus on conserving their roots and reminding the girls whose shoulders they stand on. Additionally, we will tie it all together on day four with Black Girls RoundTable™ -The Power Table Talks. To impact, they must be part of the discussions on topics ranging from fear, love, healthy eating, self-esteem issues to empowerment. It should be noted that during the Power talks, when we identify a problem, we will marry it with a solution. We will discuss what's ahead for them and how to keep the momentum sustainable.

By the end of the summit, the girls will have experiences they have never had. They will build lasting connections that will allow them to continue working together after they go home; these efforts will receive ongoing support from the organizers. We want them to keep that entrepreneurial mindset and connect them to powerful women making an impact. The success of the summit will be measured using pre/post questionnaires.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our programming is open to all Black Girls aged 13-18 years old looking to improve their confidence and leadership skills. Black girls who fall under that umbrella can be girls who may be at-risk, have low self-esteem, or are at high risk of destructive behaviour. Additionally, they can come from families who may be financially vulnerable or have experienced violence, abuse, and multi traumas in their life situations. This event will give them hope.
Communities that will benefit include but are not limited to the Edmonton area, civil societies, schools, and organizations supporting leadership in girls. The summit itself can be customized to fit any organization looking to empower marginalized girls. Therefore, the benefit has a ripple effect from community to community.