Black History Identity

The Cause

The project is intended for schools in Calgary with specific invitees. Sankofa will design a program consisting of two an educational and cultural component. Sankofa would take the program to several schools in Calgary through the month of February. The educational component would increase awareness of the contributions made by Black Canadians to the development of a multicultural Canadian society, increased knowledge and understanding of the history of Black people in Canada and of the challenges they have and continue to face primarily from a youth perspective and strengthening of the social fabric of Calgary and of multicultural relationships. The cultural, artistic expression component would be led and consist of primarily youth performers much of which would be rooted in storytelling of the Black identity through poetry, dance, and songs.

Who Will it Benefit?

Due to Covid restrictions and it's many uncertainties, Sankofa has decided on a first of it's kind program by pivoting our relationships with school boards and various schools. Youth empowerment is a core value of Sankofa and our youths will be closely involved in the development and implementation of the program. By providing them the opportunity to perform and celebrate the accomplishments of Black Canadians in various schools around our city, we will develop their sense of pride and belonging, and assist them in building the confidence to fully participate in community life. Studies have shown that peer modelling is a powerful tool to promote civic engagement and leadership, and we expect other youths in attendance to benefit as well from seeing themselves presented and celebrated. More importantly, we are excited for the opportunity to create new awareness and expand knowledge of the Black identity in our schools to students and staff alike.