Bodiometer Wellness Ecosystem

The Cause

In today's world, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and posture abnormalities are highly prevalent. Sick leave related to the pain and discomfort caused by these abnormalities and the cost of treating these disorders are problems that employers are facing. Due to the high prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, we are proposing the Bodiometer Wellness Ecosystem to help employers reduce the costs of treatment and sick leave. We believe that using our ecosystem will reduce the costs of musculoskeletal disorders and increase employees’ productivity by informing them about how to maintain a posture that is conducive to improving our health and wellbeing.

Currently, the general public are facing several problems with inappropriate posture and its consequences. Our proposed ecosystem would provide enough evidence inside the employees of an organization to target a public awareness campaign for the general public. This will guide more people to be aware of their health and wellness needs with accurate information on their type of posture and its abnormality as well as instructions for maintaining the correct posture. Our proposed ecosystem would automatically curate the best set of exercises to maintain the correct posture and prevent any musculoskeletal disorders.

Our platform not only educates people to better understand their need for health, but also directs them to the right care provider when needed. This preventative direction enables Bodiometer to influence health and wellness on a much larger scale. When people need care, this ecosystem will connect them with appropriate physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and kinesiologists to provide an effective intervention, while enabling them access the patient's accurate information without any delay and with the highest level of privacy.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our solution would impact a wide range of people including the general population, clinicians, organizations, and insurance companies concerned with occupational health and safety. In the long run, when many individuals and clinicians adopt Bodiometer, the overall health level of the community will improve drastically. As a result, the job satisfaction, wellbeing and quality of life of people will improve. Healthier people spend less time and energy on daily activities so they have more opportunities for recreation and family affairs, which in the long run will improve their mental and social health.

With the current increase in the rate of musculoskeletal disorders and the high costs and difficulties that are subsequently imposed on society, it is very valuable to have a preventative method that can detect any postural abnormalities and secondary problems in the early stages and before the time of occurrence. Bodiometer already provides a proactive method of health care by facilitating self-posture screening and delivering evidence-based education. With the help of the 2022 Field Law Community Fund support, we plan to incorporate more education tools into our ecosystem to combat health issues related to postural abnormalities of our community. We plan to focus on enriching people's education on corrective posture, and preventative measures of musculoskeletal disorders to prevent unnecessary clinical appointments.

Everyone in the community, in different professions and age groups can benefit from the Bodiometer ecosystem. The main achievements will be the reduction of treatment costs and development of work productivity which will save government budgets on healthcare expenditures. Therefore, not only ordinary citizens but also many industry owners will be benefitted. Also, by improving the physical and mental health of people among society, insurance companies will incur lower costs and directly benefit from the long-term use of the Bodiometer in society.