Body and Mind with Personal Trainer Paul Wallace

The Cause

Our project proposal is virtually delivered and as such, will actually benefit all of Alberta, Northwest Territories and beyond.
People living with Parkinson disease benefit significantly from physical and cognitive activities. After medication, exercise is the best "treatment" for debilitating symptoms. But not everyone has access to or can afford physical programming that is customized to the progressive stages of their disease.
In Edmonton, personal trainer Paul Wallace has developed in-person exercise programs that balance the physical and cognitive activities best suited to those impacted by PD. His programs have been successful in improving and maintaining the quality of life for individuals and their families for more than 6 years. Programs are always full with waiting lists, as there is limited space available. Paul also runs an online class. All of these programs are "cost-recovery" meaning that participants pay fees to cover Paul's costs, while Parkinson Association manages all administrative aspects and provides the facility and equipment.
As the number of people living with Parkinson disease increases in Alberta and across Canada, we recognize increased need for programming that is both affordable and accessible. Our idea is to support Paul's ability to develop and deliver online physical and cognitive exercise series for low, moderate and high mobility people living with Parkinson disease. These series would be professionally recorded and produced for online distribution and access, free of charge. Final product will be 3 series of 5 - 1.5 hour activity videos.

Who Will it Benefit?

There are estimated to be between 10,000 and 15,000 people living with a Parkinson's diagnosis currently in Alberta and an additional 30+ in the Northwest Territories. By customizing programming to varying degrees of mobility and disease stage, content will be relevant to an estimated 75% of these individuals. Anecdotally, we know that not everyone is interested in or has the ability to access online programming. We also know not everyone is motivated to take part in this kind of programming for various reasons. Based on current participation in direct and partner delivered in person programming as well as the programming accessed online through various partners, we believe that a minimum of 500 people will regularly access the new online programs over the next 3 years.