Bowness Artist in Residence Program

The Cause

The Bowness Community Association is proposing a new Artist-in-Residence Program in order to promote resident leadership and volunteerism, create connections among residents of Bowness, and provide opportunities for residents to share and learn new skills. Other outcomes of the project include a reduction in social isolation, an enhanced appreciation for arts and artists, a greater variety of opportunities for youth in the area, and increased capacity of Bowness Community Association staff and members to better serve resident leaders.

The BCA Artist-in-Residence program will include four key components. First, the BCA will recruit four artists in different fields of expertise to serve as the Artist in Residence (AIR), for approximately three months each. AIRs will be given a stipend of $750 each for supplies and their time. Second, the AIR will run at least one workshop through the BCA for the community in which they provide insight into their field and teach a beginner lesson in the medium of their choice. Participation and interest in the workshops may lead to further workshops. Third, the AIR will contribute content to at least one edition of the Bowest’ner bimonthly newsletter, where their work and community involvement will be highlighted. Lastly, the AIR will work with the Volunteer and Events Coordinator to contribute to a BCA event or program, either by volunteering at the event or contributing to the planning stages. Examples include taking photos at an event or performing at an event.

Who Will it Benefit?

In recent surveys, residents of Bowness have expressed their desire for more Arts and Community-Based education close to home. Bownesians have told us they would like to see more support for local artists, more community art projects like murals, more art classes, and more art based events and performances. They have also indicated that they would like more opportunities to learn new skills and subjects, and would like more classes offered in the community for all age groups. Bowness is home to many talented artists, painters, photographers, and performers. The BCA Artist in Residence program combines the skills of local artists with the community need for more classes and community artwork. This project will directly address the needs of residents and benefit the community of Bowness in several ways.
The AIR program provides a new platform for artists of all mediums to get involved in their community, exhibit their creations, and share what art means to them personally. Residents of Bowness get the opportunity to learn new skills, gain appreciation for arts, and become more connected with others in the community. Residents who attend the workshops will enjoy an interesting class and a way to foster a habit of lifetime learning. The class will be targeted towards beginners so it is accessible to a wide variety of participants and many different ages. Residents at the workshops will meet their neighbours, forming bonds that are crucial to thriving, healthy, and safe communities.

Local artists benefit by gaining a new audience for their work while being compensated for their time and skills. These artists gain a new supporter in the Bowness Community Association for future projects.
The funds will also support the continued publication of our community newsletter, the Bowest’ner. The Bowest’ner will display content created by AIRs and workshop participants which will further connect residents as they share their skills and talents with over 6,000 homes in the community. The Bowest’ner provides vital information to the community of Bowness, free of charge, as well as a platform for community members to share their skills, talents, views and news with their neighbours. This service is especially needed by those with limited internet access and those experiencing social isolation. Residents gain pride in themselves and their community by seeing their efforts circulated through their community.