Breaking Barriers with Mentorship

The Cause

Crown Mentorship Foundation is a black-led not-for-profit organization that exist to provide formal mentorship programs connecting black professionals to industry experts. Our organization vision is to break barriers to foster experiential growth of black professionals through mentorship. Although our target proteges are of black origin, we accept mentors of different nationalities from various industry backgrounds who have a passion for leading and guiding the career development of their assigned Protégés.

Our organization values are S.O.A.R, Success -increasing successful black professionals in various industries. Ownership –taking ownership of our careers and impacts. Advancement – progression of black professionals. Respect - respecting the knowledge black professionals bring to the table.

Our initiative is to offer a 12 week career and leadership mentorship program for 25 selected proteges to be paired with 25 selected industry professional mentors in order to promote the overall growth of black professionals in their respective industries.

Both proteges and mentors will be guided through this process by our dedicated mentorship coordinators and will follow a structured 12 week mentorship guidebook. Crown Mentorship Foundation requires the support of committed volunteers who share our vision of breaking barriers to foster experiential growth of black professionals through mentorship.

This mentorship programs will facilitate the learners’ development of strong industry-specific skills reinforced with real-world experience, making them better prepared to relaunch into the workforce with meaningful, relevant knowledge.

We have a current pool of registered mentors and proteges in our database, however, we do also plan on promoting the initiative to increase the number of interested applicants.

Who Will it Benefit?

All the mentors, proteges and volunteers who participates in this initiative will directly benefit. The reward achieved from partaking in this mentorship program far exceed the effort and time invested. Both Mentors and Proteges will come out with a feeling of gratification over one’s own professional growth.

The initiative offers areas of opportunity and development for black professionals who are either struggling to overcome barriers or simply want to elevate their career to the next level. We stand firm in our mission, vision and values and we believe in the power of investing in effective mentoring.

Running a strong mentorship cohort will allow us to develop top emerging black professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced performers engaged and energized.

To break barriers, we must transfer knowledge and skills. A strong mentorship program helps to develop a pipeline of future black leaders who hold the skills and attitudes required to succeed. We believe that the mentors who participate in the program will benefit directly as they will be able to network with similar professionals in your field and add some valuable experience to their resume. Mentoring allows them to better improve on their communication and leadership skills, engage in technical discussions about their industry, and receive technical inspiration from working with their Proteges.

As a Mentor, they will be advancing their own career development by transferring knowledge while advancing the career of their Protégé. Overall, participating in this initiative will provide them with the satisfaction of helping someone become better.

We believe that the proteges who participate in the program will benefit directly as under the guidance of a mentor, they will receive professional development and have the opportunity to develop new skills and build on knowledge. Participating this initiative will expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking; allowing them to advance their career by developing new strengths and overcoming barriers to success.

Lastly, the community as a whole will benefit from this initiative as it will make an impact by breaking barriers that exist for black professionals and providing a more diverse and inclusive work force at all levels.