Building bridges among cultural and mainstream communities.

The Cause

This is a unique approach to gathering 4000 multicultural individuals with mainstream communities from various backgrounds and faiths to discover each other's culture and heritage through Noah's Pudding gatherings. Since Noah's Pudding is a heritage of many faiths such as Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. the event will present the shared value of all these faiths and it will promote cross-cultural awareness in order to attain peace and diversity with neighbors, help establish a better society where individuals love, respect and accept each other as they are. The project will bring various cultures and communities together on a common platform to develop an understanding that can inspire peace and harmony in our community. We promote respect and mutual understanding among all cultures and faiths through partnership with other communities, cultural, religious and interreligious organizations by organizing educational and cultural activities.

Who Will it Benefit?

Through Noah's Pudding event at least 50 different cultures will interact and will have a chance to build life-long friendships. This is a type of event that proves we are not alone and living only ourselves but it is proving that we are all together, living peacefully and sharing this community altogether. In a greater aspect, we are all sharing the city of Edmonton lovingly. By attending Noah's Pudding event people and communities start feeling they are the part of the large community. Communities start knowing more about other cultures and that leads to an acceptance of others. All the communities that are going to be visited will be invited to the closing ceremony and all these different cultures will be sharing their experiences with other cultures which will lead cross-cultural awareness and friendship between cultures and communities. Having said that, children, youth, adults, and seniors will benefit from this project.