Building Our Forever Home

The Cause

MEOW “Make Each One Wanted” Foundation, founded in 2000, is a registered charity and humane society with a mission to save the lives of cats in the Calgary area through no-kill programs. In 2015, MEOW provided:
• 1,619 spay and neuter surgeries for companion cats for Calgarians in-need
• 755 rescues and adoptions
• 55 Trap Neuter Return future for feral cats
• 150-200 cat food assistance packages to low income families
• 282 volunteer opportunities for Calgarians to serve

MEOW is the only foundation that offers both spay or neuter and food assistance for the family pet in support of under privileged Calgarians. Today, MEOW is at a cross roads. Our current shelter is leased from a private owner. We have been fortunate to have had such a supportive relationship, but we are well aware that we do not have certainty of a stable home. As such, we are moving towards a future where we own our Adoption Centre. We have already purchased the building and are preparing for the first phase of renovations that will allow us to move into our Forever Home. A key component of this first phase of renovations is a new HVAC system that will ensure clean air for both our volunteers and staff as well as the cats in our care. We are seeking support to help offset some of the HVAC equipment cost estimated at approximately $95,000. We are working with architectural design and construction experts who specialize in animal shelters and expect to finalize our 1st phase construction requirements by this fall, with construction to begin later this year. We are on our way in securing donations both monetary and in-kind to support the start of our renovations, and hope that we can count on the Field Law Community Program.

Who Will it Benefit?

Enabling MEOW Foundation to move into our Forever Home will allow us to continue to serve all stray and abandoned cats as well as human caregivers and companion families in Calgary and the surrounding area for the long term.
MEOW’s focus has always been on serving those who need us the most; those without any resources. Each year we enhance and enrich the lives of over 2500 cats and their human families. Helping families access critical resources to keep pets in their homes drastically reduces the city wide costs of sheltering. It keeps families together and frees up critical shelter space and supplies for other animals in need, while also supporting responsible pet ownership.

By providing funding to help offset some of the costs of the HVAC equipment for our Adoption Centre renovations, not only is MEOW able to proceed with renovating and moving into our Forever Home, it specifically ensures the health of the many volunteers and staff who work so hard every day to make a difference in the lives of these cats and kittens. It also ensures the health of the cats who are in our care before they are adopted into loving families.