CADS Calgary: Fundamental Movement Skills Promotes Health and Wellbeing

The Cause

Empowering People with Disabilities Through Participation in Adaptive Snowsports

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) – Calgary extends gratitude for this opportunity, seeking consideration of support, in finances and Calgary community leadership support.

To appreciate our organization, allow us to highlight our “Who, What, When, Where and Why “:

CADS Calgary is a passionate, grassroots volunteer organization that started in the 1970’s. We have evolved over time, building a strong presence within our local, provincial and national organizations. Our last pre-Covid season, CADS Calgary had 164 student and 374 volunteers.

CADS Calgary serves athletes and their families in Calgary and surrounding area. CADS does not record the economic situation of its athletes. We provide a Ski & Snowboard School with tailored equipment for athletes ranging from 7 years of age and upward. Using specialized equipment and the expertise of our trained volunteer instructors, hundreds of people with varying degrees of physical and/or intellectual challenges have learned to ski and board with confidence.

Athletes can have both physical and mental disabilities ranging from Autism, Blind, Deaf, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegic, Quadriplegic, Muscular Dystrophy, Brain Injury, Spina Bifida, Epilepsy and Partial Paralysis. The ski school groups vary in size, CADS Calgary prides itself in being able to coach athletes with a ratio of two volunteers to each athlete to provide them with the support they need to build strength, improve technique, gain confidence and independence. We are a witness that these skills, confidence and successes become successful stepping stones into all areas of an athlete’s life.

CADS Calgary is a stakeholder of Winsport Canada. This facility holds a standard of excellence, providing the facility that helps people of all ages discover, develop and excel at sport and we inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport. CADS Calgary provides the Adaptive component, upholding the standard of excellence in accordance with CSIA, CASI and CADS National Standards . Supervisor and Instructors are extensively trained and certified which translates to a very safe and high-level experience for our Athletes. Of note, CADS Calgary officially became recognized as a charitable organization by Calgary bylaws in 1993.

Who Will it Benefit?

This gift, if awarded, will benefit our immediate CADS athletes. This year and going forward. As mentioned the current equipment is 20+ years old. While it has been maintained, the safety value becomes a concern for sure. We hope for that and more from this new technology .

Our intent and ongoing efforts are to continue to share and reach out to our Calgary Community . We hold Slide and Ride events to give the experience of movement. Many families and athletes are unaware of this option.

Our major benefits is to each athlete, family member, volunteer and instructors. Through active experience of this adaptive equipment and training , all are better ,more active, healthy and happy

Additionally, CADS Calgary, being the largest Organization of CADS supports the outlying areas of additional CADS zones. To share our expertise and equipment , under our supervision and trained staffing.

Promoting grow and accessible to all in the Disabled communities.