Calgary Jazz Orchestra Elevate Program

The Cause

Elevate Music Program, Action Plan 2021-2022
At its core, the CJO’s Elevate Music Program aims to promote Jazz culture, music, and education across Calgary as well as to inspire passion and appreciation for the complexity, beauty, and importance of Jazz in people of all ages. Including all the benefits of studying this music including growth of creativity, improvisation, team dynamics and more. To accomplish this, Elevate connects the CJO with community music groups, charities, local events, community bands, and importantly, schools (K-12) across Calgary and the surrounding area. We aim to accomplish our mission by strengthening the CJO’s presence in our community, connecting the band with local groups, events, charities, community bands, and schools (K-12) across Calgary and the surrounding area.

Who Will it Benefit?

Members will get opportunities to:
• Learn from Johnny himself about Jazz music, history, performance, improvisation, composing, and arranging
• Meet and learn from the best Jazz musicians in Calgary through performance opportunities and features within the CJO’s concert series
• Opportunities to improve improvisation and listening skills through Combo sessions led by Johnny and other members of the CJO
• Perform in venues across the city and serve as ambassadors for Jazz music and education
• Volunteer with the CJO to assist with concerts and operations
• Gain leadership, management, and organizational experience in the music context through shadowing opportunities with Board Members of the CJO
Less fortunate communities will be engaged through grants and sponsorship programs for schools and students that cannot provide fees. The Elevate Program will be offered to all multi-cultural groups including Indigenous, Francophone communities in the city or surrounding areas.