Calm Kids, Happy Families

The Cause

A 6 week group for families with children who have attention, learning and/or social challenges. However, no formal diagnosis is required to participate in this program.

Child Sessions
Through fun and engaging activities, and thoughtful discussions, children will learn and practice the following skills:

• Managing strong emotions
• Making and keeping friends
• Handling peer conflict and bullying
• Problem solving skills
• Challenging negative thinking
• Communication and assertiveness
• Coping skills

Parent Sessions
Parent involvement is critical for children’s social skills development and learning new ways to cope with strong emotions. Each week, parents will participate in their own sessions where they can learn strategies to help their children in every day life. There will also be opportunity for parents to support each other through discussion of personal experiences.

This group will allow families to participate, to allow for individualized intervention and support to parents.

Who Will it Benefit?

Families who have children who struggle with self-regulation skills, peer relationships, self-esteem, and attention and learning.