“Capital V Voice” Project

The Cause

The Capital V Voice Project is designed to help individuals who have had their ‘voices’ muted or taken from them (due physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or other issues such as eating disorders) find and reclaim their voices. As a voice coach of 23 years (B. Mus, B. Ed, Voice Coach Consultant for NBC’s “The Voice”) I have had the privilege of working on the many different layers of the voice-training the physical voice, working with the emotional blocks that manifest themselves in the voice, and helping others freely express the colours and nuances of themselves through their voice. For me, we all have physical voices - but this project addresses the bigger picture - the voice that not only makes sound, but makes us human. It is the voice that holds all our doubts, fears, joys, inspirations, triumphs, and even traumas that we have experienced. This is what I call the Capital V Voice. Through a group masterclass style session plus private lessons for selected volunteers who have experienced some sort of trauma related to losing their ‘voices’ I want to help them find, speak, and live from their Capital V Voices. Portions of this will be filmed and made into a series of impactful videos to help spread the message about the importance of this voice, and how we can reclaim it! This is the Capital V Voice Project.

Who Will it Benefit?

Individuals who have experienced a loss or muting of their 'Capital V Voice' - women who are victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, individuals with eating disorders, and other such related issues. The group masterclass will reach several hundred individuals. And the filming of the process and social media campaign to distribute the videos (similar in style to the 'Dove' campaigns but for a different cause) will reach thousands. I have received press from CTV, CBC, and Global, as well as yahoo news and several Canadian blogs and newspapers for my Voice and Performance workshops I put on this year, and the plan will be to promote this campaign through similar channels.