Cattleland’s Moobile Express

The Cause

Cattleland Feedyards Ltd. would like to give guided bus tours around the feedlot to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the process of raising beef cattle. The tour will include information from the birth of a calf to the steak on a plate, with a particular focus on cattle in a feedlot. We have the ability to show the different stages of feedlot cattle from when they arrive, to when they leave, giving the guests an overall picture of beef cattle production in a feedlot. We are particularly interested in providing tours to schools so that children can understand from a young age what agriculture is about and where their beef is coming from. It will also educate the guests about a large part of Alberta’s history in agriculture. The tour would include traditions within the beef industry and all of the different specialties that have to work together to make beef production a success. This would be an optimal way for children to get firsthand experience in the agriculture industry. By having a bus available, the tour will be able to cover more of the feedlot and give the guests a more in depth look into what it takes to raise cattle.

Who Will it Benefit?

This program will benefit the entire Southern Alberta community as it will work to connect the urban and rural areas. It will allow people to become informed about agriculture, which is a large part of Alberta’s industry and culture. Most people have agricultural roots in their family history and this program would allow people to get in touch with those roots by learning about beef production at an on-farm location. It will show people the interconnections that are present throughout the province and all of the industries that work together in order to make beef production possible. This program would also benefit tourism, giving people from different countries and provinces insight as to how cattle are raised in Alberta, and Alberta’s traditions associated with the industry. People like chefs will be able to understand the industry behind their beef products. We hope that this program would benefit more than just the people attending the tour and that people will be able to forward their knowledge and spread the information about agriculture and what they learned about the beef industry to other members of the community.