Chicken Noodle Lunch Day

The Cause

Soup Sisters is an innovative charity, that brings community people together for soup making events that yields fresh and nourishing soup. ‘Hugs in a Bowl’ for children in Calgary’s schools and families in crisis.

Our events engage community, promoting the value of hands-on volunteerism and tangible giving. Since 2009 the organization has mobilized over 50,000 participants in 25 communities delivering 1.5 million servings of soup nationwide. The Calgary Food Bank estimates that "from Kindergarten to grade 12, upwards of 20,000 kids in Calgary go hungry each day."

Soup Sisters newest grassroots program is Chicken Noodle Lunch Day. A direct outreach to marginalized youth and schools in low-income areas in Calgary and area, this special program runs at no cost to the participating school and provides a philanthropic teambuilding event for young people ages 8-17 years of age. Under the guidance of student chefs and Soup Sisters volunteers, young soup-makers chop, dice & proudly prepare Chicken Noodle soup for their entire student body.

The Outcome:

• A classroom of students will learn cooking skills and make Chicken Noodle Soup (lots of it) at their own soup making event under the guidance of student chefs located at our partner culinary location; Lord Shaughnessy Technical School in Calgary

• The next day, the school and the students will provide the delicious and nourishing soup to the entire student body for a special Chicken Noodle lunch. Soup Sisters goal is to subsidize expenses of this program for participating schools with your support.

Who Will it Benefit?

We believe this program to be a four-way-winning proposition:

• Chicken Noodle Lunch Day, will provide over 400 servings of warm and nutritious soup that is prepared by and served to school-aged children from kindergarten to grades 12 in low-income areas by their peers each month.
• The young student soup-makers from grades 3 to 12 will feel proud and empowered by supporting their friends in a kind and generous way while learning important culinary skills in the kitchen.
• Chicken Noodle Lunch Day fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and inclusivity, no child is singled out for a ‘special’ lunch, the entire student body dines together on this delicious meal made by their peers.
• The culinary student chefs at Lord Shaughnessy Technical School benefit from mentoring and also knowing they are making a tangible difference in the community for kids their own age who have been less fortunate.