The Cause

We work to bringing light to the darkness of sexual exploitation. This money will go towards expanding our current community dinners hosted for people who have been, currently are being or at risk of being trafficked and/or exploited. It is our goal this year to have one monthly dinner and one monthly drop in night throughout each quadrant of Calgary, partnering with existing agencies, community resources and members to make this happen. At our dinners clients are able to access our client services (one-on-one support through coaching, career and academic guidance, goal setting, referrals to community services, practical support, and developing safety and exiting plans). We also build safe and supportive community through teaching the life skills of cooking, meal planning/prepping and then sharing in a meal together. During our drop in nights clients have access to our practical supports and we bring in people to teach other life skills such as budgeting and finances.

Who Will it Benefit?

Those who have been, currently are being, or are at risk of being sexually exploited. We work with individuals, families and youth of all ages and backgrounds. We also work with students, teachers, frontline workers, companies and communities to better understand and become educated around what sexual exploitation is. We do work in Calgary and throughout the surrounding Alberta area.