City of Calgary Communities Collaboration Story Circle and News Program

The Cause

NewScoop YYC will host events and produce narratives telling the story of how Calgary Communities are collaborating for the common good during this economic downturn - focusing on increasing community capacity and resiliency and increasing social and individual capital. New Scoop will seek out guides, champions, community leaders and initiatives supporting equity, inclusion, and the flourishing of individuals and communities connected with Calgary. These stakeholders would cover a range of communities, both in scope, and size like the City of Calgary's "Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative," the United Church of Canada, and ReSource YYC, for example.

We will use the processes of Generative journalism to surface and shape the stories we share. The inquiry process will also invite participants to imagine and articulate what is next.

What is Generative Journalism?
Generative Journalism is a form of Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is a form of inquiry that seeks to engage stakeholders in self determined change. Appreciative Inquiry invites people to imagine future possibilities and then seeks to uncover examples of where the future state already exists. In this way it focuses on assets rather than deficits. Generative Journalism is a model of telling the stories the AI process uncovers.

What is NewScoop YYC? is a media platform owned by Calgarians using a co-operative structure. We are committed to sourcing and telling stories that will make Calgary ever more inclusive, thriving and sustainable

This initiative will involve a 10 month program of activities that will engage stakeholders in co creating these stories as well as being part of the distribution.

Who Will it Benefit?

This project will provide significant impact around
• Enabling Calgary Communities to step into more direct and active roles in developing capacity building and resiliency initiatives
• Shifting the image of what community resources entail in the media
• Improving social, economic and education outcomes amongst Calgary communities by sharing successful stories and emerging energy and initiatives