Coats for Kids

The Cause

Canada's Arctic has cold and unforgiving winters. Each year, YWCA NWT holds its annual 'Coats for Kids' drive where people from across the community donate gently used but still very warm winter gear to keep kids warm who otherwise could not afford this type of gear. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, clothing donations are not possible and donation boxes cannot be placed at local businesses and arenas - as Yellowknife is under strict public health regulations where many of these businesses are closed or operating at reduced capacity. Our idea would be to partner with a local winter clothing business to provide new coats and warm winter gear to children to protect them from the elements and enable them to take part in all winter activities!

Who Will it Benefit?

Children and youth living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories who would otherwise not have access to warm coats, boots, and protective clothing to keep them warm and enable them to go outside.