Common Ground Clean Sweep Work Project

The Cause

Support "clean sweep" individuals in advancing career goals and upgrading their skills so that they can be more employable and self-sufficient. The funds will provide tools and pay necessary fees, such as courses for health and safety, to allow these individuals to become more employable and give them skills, such as Class 1 tickets which they can use in the future.

Clean sweep individuals are those who have been homeless and street-involved for years; they are hired by the Clean Sweep program to allow them to become more work orientated and supporting them in basic needs. The program allows them to gain work experience and have references so they can move on to other career opportunities and create fulfilling careers/jobs.

Who Will it Benefit?

Individuals who are street-involved, homeless, have criminal records, and youth who have experienced trauma or have no other place to turn will benefit from the funding. The community will also benefit as they will see results and decrease stigmas. The community can partake in the program by hiring Clean Sweep individuals to wash walls, clean yards, move furniture, etc.