Community Fun Dances

The Cause

For some people in the North, long weekends can indeed be long. And quiet. And depressing.
The Kole Crook Fiddle Association, with the help of the Field Law Community Assistance Program, would like to spruce up long weekends in Hay River by providing a fun, free, safe and sober Family Dance/Social Gathering on every holiday weekend, at a convenient, central downtown location, complete with live entertainment from the KCFA youth musicians (fiddlers, guitarists, singers, jiggers) and a healthy lunch of soup, bannock, sandwiches and tea, coffee and juice.
Typically on a holiday, as in many northern towns, a lot of stores and shops are closed. The streets are quiet. For some families and individuals who are not involved in sports, or don't own a vehicle, or who are underemployed or underhoused, there is not a lot to do socially. They don't drive "south" for the weekend. They don't go out of town for sports events. There is not a lot to do that doesn't involve spending money.
We would like to change that.
Our Long Weekend Family Dances/Social Gatherings would be a place for anyone and everyone with nothing else to do on a holiday afternoon, to stop in. Mingle, meet with friends, (or meet new ones) listen to some great music and have a nice meal, in a safe and sober setting.
We would love to see this as a regular monthly event... something that people could look forward to every long weekend.
With almost 150 youth enrolled in our music programs, there would be no shortage of fine musicians to entertain each month. :) And lots of parent volunteers to provide the manpower for making lunches, setting up and helping at the events and cleanup afterwards.
We see this is as a very beneficial community building event that we hope, among other things, will bring together segments of the population that normally don't socialize together. And some good long weekend fun to families and individuals who might otherwise have nothing much to do. And some good food, And some great entertainment. And right downtown at the beautiful Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre.
The Kole Crook Fiddle Association is celebrating its 20th year of teaching and bringing music to northern communities and schools. During Covid, our focus has changed somewhat and we have had to adjust our thinking to "outside the box". We feel this activity would be a wonderful way to showcase the hard work of the youth musicians to the benefit of the entire community!

Who Will it Benefit?

There are so many people who would benefit from these events.
Everyone living in Hay River :)
Elders who may not have many social opportunities.
The underemployed. The underhoused. The underfinanced.
Anyone suffering from loneliness, Covid caused or otherwise.
People struggling with addiction who might not have a safe, clean place to hang out and socialize on a holiday afternoon.
The youth who get a chance to showcase their abilities.
The volunteers who experience the rewards of helping others who are less fortunate.