Community Leaders Project

The Cause

A free summer volunteer program for youth ages 12-15 from Taber, Alberta. This program will offer youth an opportunity to participate in meaningful activities and projects in their community with a focus on team-building, community connection, engagement, community pride, and volunteerism.

Participants will decide on either a large project (that can be completed in the 8 week program duration), or a series of smaller projects (i.e.: volunteering at the Taber Food Bank, making welcome kits for the children at Safe Haven Women\'s Shelter, helping at the community garden through Taber Communities in Bloom) that provide a service or fulfill an identified need in our community.

The program will run 8 weeks and participants will meet weekly to plan and/or execute their projects. They will be responsible for deciding on projects, gathering supplies (with the help of staff), executing projects, and then writing a Thank You when the project or volunteer service is completed.

Participants will complete a pre and post self-assessment that will help us measure their understanding of ways to make a positive impact on their community. Any community organizations or businesses that have been involved with the projects will also complete a survey of the impact the youth had on their organization. At the end of the summer a celebration will be held. The celebration will include inviting members of program, project recipients and family members to attend.

Pictures of the participants will be taken throughout the projects to promote the program and document their contributions.

Who Will it Benefit?

Community Leadership Program Participants

Participants will benefits by having opportunity to:
- make a positive impact on the their community
- develop leadership and project management skills
- work as a team, develop positive communication skills
- discuss how to set realistic goals
- identify and utilize individual skills and interests
- belong and connect with their peers
- problem solve
- build self-esteem and pride in accomplishment
- become aware of the programs and needs within our community
- evaluate their work and reflect on what worked, what the challenges were, what they would do differently, the impact on themselves and the community, and what they would like to do in the future.

The Taber community will benefit by:
- recognizing the talents and brilliance of our local youth
- having projects completed/needs met
- potentially building a volunteer base
- connecting positively with youth

Our goal is to help foster resiliency within the youth and to encourage positive leadership and community engagement.