Community Maker Space

The Cause

To establish a community Maker Space for local makers, hobbyists and artists.

Providing a community of like minded people that would provide access to tools and workspaces not normally available to them to empower them to learn new skills and complete their own projects and art works.

This maker space would have less emphasis on readily available tools, instead enabling projects that would necessitate special equipment. This could include installation level machines and space, varieties of hand power tools, woodworking and metalwork for DIY and artistic purposes.

The vision of the make space is combining those experienced in the use of the equipment who could provide technical assistance and tool maintenance, and those wanting to learn The goal is not to be a handyman for people but to provide them with a space and opportunity to learn new skills, gaining confidence, empowerment and pride while make community connections with others.

The maker space would include training, safety and liability concerns that could include requiring safety certifications to use the equipment

As a community workshop, it would have an emphasis on availability and accessibility balancing this with responsibility and safety. We also want to avoid situations like existing spaces that demand monthly memberships.

Who Will it Benefit?

We anticipate this type of Community Maker Space to be used by individuals wanting to learn more about the process of building their own items and what they are capable of. Artists who want to expand their vision using new tools and equipment and individuals and artists who want to share their knowledge and experience with others who want to learn something new that otherwise might not be available to them.

Everyone has a desire to create, build, repair and work on projects. This will provide learning opportunities where some want to learn and others want to share what they know.

As a recent Fine Arts graduate, there were limited options for me to explore alternative methods or art creation outside of the formal structure of post-secondary education. I have been fortunate to access the tools and space required to upcycle an old piano destined for the dump into a credenza and coffee table. Imagine the possibilities for people with vision who just need the space and the equipment to see those visions come to fruition.

Community members embracing these new skills and artistic visions will gain pride and confidence in their new abilities, and want to share them with their family and friends.

This type of project will benefit the entire community.