Community Renewable Energy Projects

The Cause

Energy For All is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to the creation and enhancement of clean water and renewable energy infrastructure in developing countries and First Nations communities in Canada. We accomplish this through local education programs and community development projects.
We propose to execute a clean water or renewable energy project at First Nations community centre or school in Southern Alberta. The purpose of this initiative is to provide an educational experience for students and community members, as well as to improve the infrastructure in the community.
Energy For All, and its partner organizations, will provide the design and project execution expertise to support the installation of the project. The community members will be involved in the project right from the selection of the system and actively participate in the installation.

Who Will it Benefit?

We have been working with local schools providing educational workshops and we have witnessed an increase in interest around renewable energy resources and water supply. We are being asked often to provide hands on learning experiences.
Our programs and projects are dedicated to enhancing leadership skills, renewable energy education, and experiential learning. For this project, the First Nations community will benefit from participation in the project design and installation.
If a solar or wind project is selected, the energy produced from the systems can be used as renewable energy credits for the schools or community centres to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of the buildings. If a water project is selected, the whole community will benefit from having a clean, safe source of water.