Comprehensive Online Database for Mental Health Resources

The Cause

Our idea involves the improvement of our website including the publicizing of our comprehensive Mental Health Resource Database in an easy to use and navigate online platform. We currently have an extensive database of various types of mental health resources within Edmonton and Alberta. This database contains in depth information on various public and private resource including information on costs, sliding scale, therapies, location, accessibility, direct insurance billing, wait times, target demographics, specialties and much more. It is kept update to date and is constantly being added to. We wish to make this resource available to all while improving tools on our website that improve accessibility ex. online video chat and instant messaging functionality.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our Initiative benefits everyone and anyone affected my Mental Health. Our clients come from various socioeconomic backgrounds, races, sexual orientations and ages. We work with individuals who are seeking mental health services/information for themselves or loved ones. Our Services benefit primarily Edmontonians but have since expanded to include all Albertans including those in rural communities in response to the increase demand of the current COVID-19 Pandemic.