Crisis Nursery: Urban Rubber Paving Repair

The Cause

Children's Cottage Society Crisis Nursery
Urban Rubber Paving - repair and replacement

We need to perform some urgent upgrades to the outside of our Crisis Nursery. It is currently unsafe for children and their
parents when trying to access the nursery in the winter months/bad weather and can become hazardous.

We will be resurfacing 262 square feet of outdoor vinyl to the stairs, ramp and deck to eliminate the slippery conditions
when they are wet, and 170 square feet of concrete sidewalk leading up to the front stairs. The handrail for the stairs
will be replaced with aluminum railings.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our Crisis Nursery provides shelter for up to 14 children a night when they need a safe nurturing place to stay, a safe and healthy haven for children. This 5,000 square foot facility allows us to provide families facing crisis with cost-free, short-term card for their children along with additional supportive programming. Last year more than 1,400 children from 900 families stayed at the nursery in times of need.