Danceapalooza Pop-up

The Cause

As a result of the COIVD-19 pandemic, many children living with physical disabilities have been left extremely isolated. Due to their complex medical needs, children living with physical disabilities have limited social interaction outside of their family. Danceapalooza Pop-up is designed to eliminate isolation for these children, to facilitate an experience that brings joy, physical movement, community engagement, and happiness. These parties will work in collaboration with Dubasov Dance & Wellness, encouraging community partnerships. Danceapalooza Pop-up allows children with disabilities to participate safely in activities with others despite their disability. For kiddo's who are isolated and cannot attend the small group sessions, while safely social distancing, at our community space, our team will travel to the child, bringing props, music, balloons, and lots of energy. The individual will join the team for dance-based movement activities with high energy songs and lots of smiles and laughs. These home visits could occur in the driveway, garage, or backyard.

Who Will it Benefit?

There are several groups that will benefit from this program. The primary beneficiaries will be the children with physical disabilities that have been socially isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also impact the family members and the community in which the child lives. The child will experience a program that brings joy, enhanced physical movement, and fun. This program promotes improvements to the child’s mental health as well as physical well-being, through their increased social interaction and community participation. As the child enjoys and benefits from the program, there will be a positive ripple effect throughout their family and community. The family will be able not only to see the joy the child is feeling but experience it with them. It brings pride to parents as they see that their child is valued within their community. The community benefits as it is able to witness and participate in this joyful and inclusive program, promoting a lasting impact within the community. This program demonstrates the importance of including all individuals and that each individual plays a role with contributions to their community.
The others benefitting will be the volunteers that come out and help support danceapalooza. When doing driveway parties, we will incorporate volunteers, many who are kids living with a disability.
Dubasov Dance and Wellness is been providing programs to kids living with special needs for many years. Dubasov unfortunately had to close their studio in March, as a result of the economic downturn. By collaborating with Dubasov Dance and Wellness, we can continue to bring these innovative programs to our vulnerable youth.