Dental Unit Proposal

The Cause

We are working very hard to build our very own vet clinic right next to our shelter in Alix to be able to cut costs, save resources and have better access to care for our in program animals while being able to in turn save more animals. The much needed medical equipment for this vet facility is costly as you can imagine but is going to do so much good! One very costly but often hidden medical issue we tend to run into often is dental issues. Being able to have our own equipment to fully diagnose our animals in care with dental distress and perform our own dental surgeries can save us upwards of 50-75% of what our current costs are. You would be surprised with how much a dental can add up and though costly it's not a step we can skip, it is necessary to provide dental care to ensure our animals are in the best shape before adopted out.
In order to purchase the dental equipment we need, we are looking at a total of $28, 600 this includes the following breakdown:
Dental X Ray Unit $15,000
Dental Table $5000
Dental Unit $8000
Dental Instruments $600

We have seen everything from dogs with severe dental disease needing 75% of their teeth extracted to cats who have been shot with pellets causing damage to their jaw and teeth resulting in extractions. On average an animal with dental needs can cost us anywhere from $500 up to $5000.

Who Will it Benefit?

If we were to receive funds for this program it would benefit the animals in our care immensely as they are the ones who will benefit most from this program by our vet team being able to use top quality equipment to diagnose and fix any medical issues they may be experiencing in an efficient manner.
Please see the attached photos for some examples of animals who have been through our program recently and have needed this exact equipment through an offsite vet clinic.