Disaster Preparedness

The Cause

During the 2013 floods AARCS stepped up to help those affected by the devastating floods in Southern Alberta. We saved hundreds of animals from certain death and were recognized both by the Province of Alberta and the Town of High River for our efforts. Since that time we have assisted in cases including a rollover accident involving 30 dogs and a dog-hoarding case involving 202 large breed dogs. We have done training exercises with the City of Chestermere, Town of High River and are in talks with the City of Calgary. In order to continue to develop our program so that we can be ready to assist in any emergency situation, we require funds to train our disaster response volunteers and staff as well as have the necessary equipment available and ready in the event of an emergency.

Who Will it Benefit?

The program will help any person or family affected by a man-made or natural disaster or emergency situation to assist with the rescue and/or temporary placement of companion animals. During the floods of 2013 we realized that by rescuing family pets we were, in many cases, rescuing the only thing they had left. Pets are part of the family and although human life is a priority in any disaster we provide a much needed service to help animals and their families.