East End Orchards

The Cause

Please accept my application for funding for the project entitled ‘East End Community Orchards’. This project is meant to complement another project which is already underway (Edible East End) and includes numerous plantings of edible species at a variety of parks located within the area of Cochrane, AB referred to as the ‘East End’.
The East End Community Orchards are to contain 29 apple trees (9 varieties) and are to be planted on two vacant lots located on Headlands Close (#3 and #5). These lots are owned and maintained by the Town of Cochrane. If awarded, the monies are to be spent on trees. The Town of Cochrane will contribute compost, mulch, labour, watering and ongoing maintenance as needed.

Once completed, a plaque will be erected stating ‘this orchard made possible by a grant from Field Law Community Fund’.

Who Will it Benefit?

The population in the immediate area is 1453, but I expect residents from other parts of Cochrane will participate. Centennial Park is one of the busiest playgrounds in Cochrane, so I anticipate it will become a hub. Centennial Park is to receive a community garden of sorts (25’x50’ area to be planted with flowers in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, and then to be planted in 2018 with a combination of edible trees, shrubs and perennials). This garden will be open to the public, and harvesting will be encouraged. A message board is to be erected in 2018 which will identify the plant material present at that site, and will identify nearby parks with edible species (including the East End Community Orchards). It is my hopes that these two projects together will bring residents into under-utilized parks and foster a sense of community.

The East End is home to many low-earning households that would benefit from both the free food and the free entertainment that searching for fresh, in-season fruit provides.