East Village Community Connection

The Cause

Calgary\'s East Village is currently undergoing a vast transition into a vibrant urban community. The current residential population is comprised of seniors and it is important to educate them of the upcoming community changes to better assist them with the transition. Our project is to implement a communications strategy which will provide the opportunity to exchange information with the current population. Through this Community Connection Strategy we aim to decrease social isolation where residents can take pride in their community.

Who Will it Benefit?

Currently home to 2500 residents which are comprised of some of the city\'s most vulnerable and at-risk seniors. The per capita income of the East Village is approximately 25% of Calgary as a whole and the community has traditionally had a culture of dependency and hopelessness. Our goal is to change this stigma where residents take pride and responsibility for their community. This project will benefit the current resident population of seniors as well as the new residents moving to the East Village.