Edmonton Academy’s School Relocation Campaign

The Cause

Established in 1983, Edmonton Academy is a Designated Special Education School for students who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability.

In July of 2015, Edmonton Academy is excited to be moving to a new physical home located at 810 Saddleback Road in the summer of 2015. This move will allow the school to expand its enrolment capacity as well as broaden the availability of curriculum and extracurricular activities to our students. The facility will provide a modern, uplifting space where students can comfortably and safely open doors to their futures, pushing past perceived limits to achieve personal success.

This transition will require updates to the existing building\'s technology and new classroom furniture so that Edmonton Academy can continue to provide our students with the best possible learning environment in which to achieve their dreams.

Who Will it Benefit?

Investment in Edmonton Academy benefits the 60+ students who currently benefit from our specialized educational programming. This includes students from Grades 3 through 12, who have average to above-average intellectual ability but who have significant difficulty with reading, written language or math. The average class size for language arts and math is 6:1 and the average class size for the integrative subjects is 12:1.

For many students entering Edmonton Academy, school is synonymous with frustration and failure. At Edmonton Academy, our faculty is committed to a school culture that provides every student with the range of supports necessary to succeed academically and socially while enjoying their learning experience.

Investment in Edmonton Academy has the ability to help so many more students as well. At our past facility we were limited in the number of students that could benefit from Edmonton Academy due to space restrictions. With this move to our new location, we have the physical space needed to open our doors to many more students struggling with their learning.

Investment in Edmonton Academy is not just about the students who attend our school. It is about unlocking the potential of each student who walks through our doors so that they may go on to positively contribute to the future of Edmonton and Alberta.