Edmonton School of Peer Support

The Cause

Edmonton School of Peer Support.

The School of Peer Support would train people with lived experience of mental health challenges to support other community members with that same experience.

Peer training helps peers model recovery, share their lived experience, and support others by offering hope and friendship. Peer-to-peer support has been demonstrated to boost the mental health and well-being of all participants in these activities.

A "peer" is anyone who has faced, endured, and overcome adversity related to their mental health and can offer understanding, empathy, and support for others going through the same experience.

Peer College will offer a training and learning program over the course of a few months that equips peers to give back to their community, and to gain valuable employment experience working in a non-profit setting. Upon completing Peer College, participants will undertake a practicum, and be equipped to fulfill roles on the front lines of mental health programming and to provide support to others experiencing the same challenges they have. It builds capacity, confidence, and employability.

Who Will it Benefit?

This program will welcome participants with lived experience of mental health challenges, boosting their life skills and employability.

We anticipate serving 45 people - three cohorts of 15 - each year. That is based on the experience of Calgary and other communities who offer this program.