Elderhouse pilot project

The Cause

Shelter is a basic human right.
Housing and people are community issues; so is the solution. The Jack Long Foundation (JLF) works with communities to ensure that affordable housing is part of every community.

Ageing and lifecycle are often overlooked in planning for community sustainability and strength. This point was emphasized by a group of Inglewood stakeholders who wanted to fill the housing gap for seniors especially those who need daily support; like Bernie, found stuck in the bath, she had to leave. Many seniors are forced to leave their community; an integral part of the community’s fabric and history is lost. "HALF OF ALBERTANS LIVING PAYCHEQUE TO PAYCHEQUE", for many seniors, that income is limited to a meagre pension.

ELDERHOUSE - Supported living pilot that can affect long term change.
A residence designed by seniors for seniors… belongs in every community… more than a building. It’s about people and caring relationships, private spaces, a friendly atmosphere, and healthy living.
A different perspective… a focus on healthy living and not managing health conditions.
It’s about people… not beds
It’s not about the number of beds, that’s for hospitals. It’s a home within a home.
It’s about belonging.
Seniors are valuable; they can contribute; their home must be part of and open to the community rather than stand-alone.

We need land to build. The City of Calgary has offered a suitable site; the market value of the site is $1,175,00. The City is contributing $975,000,
Which leaves a balance of $200,000.00. We have assimilated approximately $50,000.00 in donations; and need to raise the balance. We are requesting $30,000. towards the outright purchase of the land to build the first Elderhouse.

Land Value: $1,175,000.
City of Calgary contribution to land $975,000.
JLF Land fund $50,000.
Balance to be raised $150,000.

Elderhouse is a sustainable model.
We plan 3 self-contained independent living units at below, but closer to market value. These will generate revenue for a long term capital fund, and help subsidize 15 supported units.

Who Will it Benefit?

Elderhouse directly impacts seniors who need physical supports and assistance. Inglewood and Ramsay seniors will be given priority in keeping with our goal for “ageing-in-place”. Elder house also fulfills the goals of the Inglewood ARP to:
“To ensure people who now live in Inglewood will be able to afford to remain in the future”; and
“To integrate social planning into the physical planning program”.

The community itself benefits. Both Inglewood and Ramsay planned and developed seniors (independent) housing in the 70s and 80s in order to serve long term residents and to allow for a turnover of single family dwellings for young families. Providing a continuum of housing to meet natural lifecycle, age appropriate needs, and affordability contributes to community diversity, strength, and long term viability. A community that retains housing for a wide demographic range, is able to support its community and public infrastructure such as parks, schools, pools etc. and ensure community viability, and vibrancy. Elderhouse enhances Inglewood’s housing stock, making it an “age-friendly” community.

This project is a “game changer” for seniors’ housing and will provide an affordable, low cost, and sustainable prototype for other single family communities. It is a community based model for the growing challenge of affordable, safe and dignified housing for seniors.