Empowering Safe and Dignified Family Relocation

The Cause

Our idea supports the safe moving of 60 individuals and families in Calgary and Edmonton. As part of a National Charity, we are seeking to support the chapters of Shelter Movers in Calgary and Edmonton and surrounding areas up to 100km. It revolves around our commitment to fostering stronger, more compassionate communities through a "pay it forward" approach.
At the heart of our idea lies the objective of expanding our volunteer pool and strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations, all united in the common goal of providing safe moving and storage solutions for those escaping gender-based violence. This community-driven initiative empowers individuals and families to rebuild their lives in safety and also ignites a ripple effect of goodwill and support that reverberates throughout society. By increasing our volunteer pool, we aim to tap into the immense reservoir of kindness and empathy that exists within our communities. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Shelter Movers, and our vision is to engage even more individuals who are passionate about making a difference.
Moreover, our strategic and collaborative partnerships with businesses and organizations will provide the necessary resources, such as moving trucks, storage facilities, and financial support. We will work to increase the number of partnerships to better enhance our operational capabilities. Together, these collaborations will bolster our ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to the needs of survivors, ensuring their seamless transition to safe environments. The core philosophy behind this initiative is the principle of "community helping community." We believe that by harnessing the collective power of our neighborhoods, we can create a network of support that empowers survivors and inspires others to get involved. Through this pay-it-forward approach, we not only enhance our capacity to move more individuals and families to safety but also create a culture of empathy and solidarity that extends far beyond our immediate mission. Together, we can build safer, more resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, breaking the cycle of gender-based violence and making a lasting impact on countless lives. Shelter Movers in Calgary and Edmonton hope to reach a total goal of 200 individuals and families (approx. 200 individuals and 600 children) by year end 2024).

Who Will it Benefit?

This idea brings profound benefits to all involved. Survivors benefit significantly from faster, more efficient service when transitioning from abusive environments, reducing the risk of harm during this critical period. An expanded volunteer base means more compassionate, trained community members lending a hand. Providing survivors with safe moving and storage options empowers them to regain control over their lives and recover. Engaging volunteers in training equips them with the tools to assist survivors effectively, promoting personal growth and enhancing their profiles. It fosters stronger community connections, combating isolation, and boosting mental well-being. Partnering with businesses aligns them with a socially responsible cause, improving workplace dynamics, morale, teamwork, and job satisfaction while enhancing their brand and caring for the community's welfare. Our initiative raises gender-based violence awareness, inspiring broader change. Fostering empathy and mutual support leads to safer neighborhoods and communities, reducing long-term social costs associated with abuse. Creating a culture of empathy and volunteerism sets an example for future generations, instilling compassion and social responsibility. By supporting survivors and addressing gender-based violence, we break the cycle of abuse, providing safer environments for families. Our goal is to work towards 200 moves per year, with benefits extending beyond the immediate impact. Additionally, our initiative benefits shelters by freeing up more open beds and reducing the financial burden on funding. In summary, our initiative empowers survivors, enriches volunteers' lives, engages local businesses, strengthens the community, and helps create a society with less gender-based violence and more compassion. Together, we build a safer, more supportive world.