Empowering the Disabled Through Volunteering

The Cause

The ILRCC Volunteer program creates barrier-free volunteering opportunities for adults with disabilities. It provides volunteers with an opportunity to have a meaningful productive role in society. Placement opportunities are sought in community agencies and businesses based on the volunteers interests and abilities. The program supports all applicants to find a volunteering opportunity whether internal or external. The volunteer program recruits individuals for general positions in administration, program and events. As mandated by ILRCC policy, at least 50% of the volunteer board are persons with disabilities. The program also supports other organizations by providing volunteer opportunities to persons with disabilities from their organizations or providing ILRCC volunteers to assist them. The objective of the program is to decrease social isolation, enhance community integration /inclusion for persons with disabilities and provide meaningful opportunities. When individuals with disabilities are provided with education and support to increase their confidence, self-esteem and skills along with opportunities to participate in meaningful ways in the community, they will experience decreased social isolation, enhanced community integration and have an overall improved quality of life.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Volunteer program helps a wide variety of disabled with opportunities. These may include youth transitioning to adulthood, recent immigrants to Canada, Adults with complex cross-disabilities, and Seniors. Our volunteer opportunities allow for flexibility to assist with different opportunities internal and external as well as special events like our Casino, Fashion Show, Golf Tournament, and Trade Show as well as unique annual events like IDPD (a United Way day that recognizes People with Disabilities.