Empowering Women and Children

The Cause

Most women and children who are the victims of abuse experience despair, violence, loneliness, lack of resources and isolation, among others. Without tools to process past trauma and present stresses, they often have great difficulty coping with their negative emotions.

The SKY program objective is to make a life-transforming difference in the lives of abused women and children by offering an opportunity for them to be equipped with skills to reduce stress, heal trauma, practical knowledge of how to handle emotions, live to their highest potential and contribute to society. This has the potential to impact positively on both their lives and society as a whole.

The program offers practical methods for participants to transform negative emotions for true rehabilitation and to develop core human values, such as service to others and compassion. It teaches essential life skills that enable individuals to accept responsibility for past actions and to handle future conflict and stressful situations successfully. The cornerstone of the program is a breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY). A team of dedicated teachers and volunteers will train the participants, nurturing them through the contents of the course.

Research shows that SKY. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga uses specific rhythms of breath to eliminate stress, support the various organs and systems within the body, transform overpowering emotions, and restore peace of mind. Following is a summary of some key findings independently investigated by modern medical science at hospitals and research institutions.

Independent research has shown that Sudarshan Kriya Yoga significantly:
 Reduce levels of “stress” hormone Cortisol
 Benefit the immune system
 Reduce cholesterol
 Relieve anxiety & depression (mild, moderate & severe)
 Enhance health, well-being & peace of mind
 Enhance brain function (increases mental focus, calmness & recovery from stressful stimuli).

Course participants report the following benefits:
 Improve their sleep,
 Learn conflict resolution skills,
 Raise their self-esteem, and
 Improved strength and resilience.

WIN house serves victims of abuse, offering shelter and a safe haven to women and children fleeing abuse. Working with WIN house and the Mennonite Center for Newcomers, the SKY Program will be of tremendous benefit to families and to society.

Who Will it Benefit?

Women and children who are victims of abuse, as well as families who are new to Canada, including refugees. It will also benefit staff and caregivers who are working with these families.