Extremely disabled children in need.

The Cause

CAMP SUNFLOWER a registered charity for severely disabled children is a 1 week summer camp for children that are extremely disabled to the extreme that an adult must be with the child at all times morning, noon and night.
The adult is normally a parent or volunteer.
The Camp unfortunately is not on a lake, not by a beach or a lovely sunny outdoor place that one usually imagines.
Camp Sunflower is located within Christine Meikle school in N.E. Calgary that allows the children to take over 2 classrooms and the gymnasium when not in use during the summer months.
At the school the kids participate in all sorts of indoor activities and are given 5 days each at the school and the cost per child is around $250.00. This happens during the months of June, July & August.
They listen to music, paint, do activities where by they can interact with other children with similar disabilities as much as they can. Have fun in the Gym and just enjoy being away from the confinements of home.

Who Will it Benefit?

Wonderful beautiful children between the ages of 6 and 12 who have to be spoon fed on most occasions. The children depend on a parent or volunteer to be with them 24 hours per day.
This short vacation also allows the parent time to themselves throughout the day.
The rely on donations for their funding and struggle each year to reach their target. They would love to expand the facility to accommodate more children and are working with a new school that is being constructed at this time. More funding would simply mean more severely disabled children would have a chance to go to Camp during the summer. They currently take 35+/- children each summer and are desperate to add another 10 or so children each season.

Thank you for your consideration.