FIELD OF GREEN – Good Things Grow Here

The Cause

** Good things grow here! **

We would like to create a FIELD of GREEN indoors for the kids at the Phoenix Education Foundation.

Phoenix is a non-profit private school that is publicly accredited. We are the only private school in the province that does not charge tuition. We serve approximately 350 students preschool to grade 9. Families come to us from Calgary and the surrounding area. We have proudly served families in this community market for the past 17 years. We are the recognized pioneers of BlendEd Education in Alberta - that is part online, part in print, part in the community and part at school. Further, we have the only kindergarten program in the province that serves families who intend to homeschool in the future. We were also the first school in AB to have bee hives!

Our programs have a strong art, science and hands-on component.

We believe that each child has unique talents, skills, interests and learning styles and that their education should respect these key elements. We believe that parents are the primary and ongoing educators of their children: therefore, a meaningful partnership with them is critical. We believe that the support and guidance of our caring, dedicated, qualified professionals will enhance the academic, physical, social, spiritual and emotional qualities of our students.

We already have an outdoor garden that students plant in the spring and then the new group of children harvest in the Fall. In this way, it brings the years of classes and students together. We also host garden parties and parent events throughout the summer months in this area. Staff eat their lunch here and we often have class in the garden.

But over the long winter months, it is cold and drab and the outdoor garden is unusable. With your help, we can create an indoor garden in our Learning Commons for all students to enjoy during this time of year. We can grow the freshest herbs and vegetables there as well. Students can experience the benefits of eating fresh, organic food all year round. And have the added benefit of fresh herbs for cooking classes, extra light and improved air quality.

Because the FIELD of GREEN will be in our Learning Commons, just like our outdoor garden, staff will be able to use it for lunch breaks, hosting parent meetings and larger community events (even the occasional wedding). All will enjoy the extra greenery and greens from the FIELD LAW FIELD OF GREEN.

Who Will it Benefit?

This grant will benefit:
- 350 students (preschool to grade 9)
- 22 staff plus aides and therapists
- 40 karate students
- Parents of students
- Outside community users (Weddings, classes, rentals)
- website / social media exposure for Field Law and the School