The Cause

Our idea is to provide Australian rules footballs (footys) to every grade seven student in Calgary. These will be of a size slightly smaller than a standard adult footy (size 3). We will distribute these immediately after the granting of the funds, with balls to be sent to each junior high school via post. The footys will help to foster the growth of Australian football in Calgary, and expose hundreds of youth to a new sport which they may never have experienced. It will also help kids to develop movements and biomechanics that they may have never performed.

Who Will it Benefit?

All grade seven students in Calgary. The program will also have a flow on effect to the students' families, who will have new sporting equipment that they can utilize. This program will benefit grassroots Australian football in Calgary, as it will encourage teachers to take advantage of the Calgary Kangaroos in school sessions. It will also foster students' interest in Australian football, which will, in turn, result in more active players of the sport.