Forever Changed Through Accountability

The Cause

In a post-pandemic environment, youth are struggling to attain goals that have been achievable if two school years hadn't been disrupted. Cornerstone works with junior high age youth from difficult situations who are striving to make different decisions so they don't end up with outcomes that older youth in their families and communities arrived at.
Through intensive goal-setting training, coaching, resourcing, and celebrating with youth CYC is undertaking to assist an initial cohort of 25 youth in the Forever Changed program to understand, demonstrate, and be accountable to the goals they undertake.
Many of the new youth arriving at CYC this fall were 12 years old just starting grade 7 when the pandemic disrupted their development. Their families were hit with economic and health concerns and didn't have the resources or ability to enrich the virtual education and social experience. This gap, is what CYC is going to fill in an intensive and rapid reset.

Who Will it Benefit?

Initially, CYC will register 25 participants in the winter session of Forever Changed, who would 'graduate and celebrate' the achievement of 4 major goals by the end of the 2021/22 school year. Subsequent cohorts will be recruited in the fall 2022 school year and will celebrate their success in December 2022.