Fort McMurray Youth Drum Group

The Cause

Fort McMurray male youth have recently started a traditional pow wow drum group. It was a request from the youth to have an activity in the community that connected them to their roots. What started off as a small request, has now turned into pride for the whole community.
Our idea is to help keep our male youth connected and supported in their goals of learning the songs that drummers need to know. Learning these songs does not come overnight, and there are only so many people that can help guide and teach them in a good way, as there is so much more than just drumming, it is a part of bigger ceremonies that bring healing.
We would like some help to fund people to come to our community to teach the male youth these songs over the winter months.

Who Will it Benefit?

The people that will benefit, well it will be the male youth first, their families, then the community as the boys will sing for the community and all the people that will hear them drum as sing as they progress with knowledge and travel to different communities and events. The amount of people that will benefit is limitless.