Free Clothing Store

The Cause

Our big idea is simply to clothe and feed people who need it most. We exist primarily to help those less fortunate and restore dignity to people. Our organization started in the midst of the pandemic (April 2021) by gathering gently used clothing from all sorts of avenues, sorting it and putting on free garage sales all throughout our city of Medicine Hat. We have since grown to include emergency two day hampers and providing a free lunch to all patrons.

Over the last year we have served over 2500 people free clothing and food services as well operated the Cinderella Project and Tuxedo Shop outfitting underprivileged graduation students with grad attire, photography, makeup and hair services. We saw 11 students make use of that just last season and have a stock of about 350 grad dresses and tuxedo/suits.

So why are we requesting the $12,000? Well we would love to operate a part time clothing store in our 2200 square foot space (provided by a local church in town) by hiring part time staff members to facilitate private appointments for people to 'shop' for free allowing them to actually choose what best suits them. In addition to staffing costs we would use the finances to purchase hygiene items as well as groceries for the food hampers.

Thanks for giving us some thought for the grants!!


Who Will it Benefit?

It will directly benefit people with ongoing needs for clothing support as well as groceries. Our location is located directly in the heart of our city where we have a high percentage of immigrants with continued need for clothing and food services.