Free Counselling Services for All

The Cause

The Chestermere Women's Crisis Society is a locally based non-profit organization created to work in tandem with and coordinate with existing resources. We help vulnerable women in the community who may be experiencing domestic abuse or need assistance with meeting basic needs for themselves and their children. These women may need emergency accommodations, counselling services, legal resources, clothing, and food security. The outreach portion of our program provides emergency assistance and advocacy on immediate needs for Women in crisis. Due to recent municipality and provincial discord, our current resource for counselling has been paused. We would like to use this grant to continue a robust counselling program for residents in Chestermere. While CWCS collaborates with numerous organizations and service providers, there is currently no all-encompassing outreach program to provide clients with comprehensive, free counselling. CWCS's aim and mission is to be a one-stop outreach programs that provides a comprehensive program to the Chestermere community.

Who Will it Benefit?

The residents of Chestermere and surrounding areas will benefit from this grant and the counselling provided. The outcome achieved from having a women's crisis society is the provision of a safe and supportive space for women to seek help and support during times of crisis, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or mental health issues. It also offers resources and services to help them navigate these difficult situations and rebuild their lives.
CWCS aims to improve the socio-economic well-being of Chestermere residents by helping them access resources such as education, health & wellness, and financial support. These resources will help to gain the skills and knowledge needed to support the community, and ultimately achieve a better outcome, while also bringing additional engagement and awareness to the community.
Receiving free counseling during a mental health crisis is the first pillar in doing this. It is an essential building block to helping themselves and their families.