Fresh Routes Mobile Grocery Stores

The Cause

Fresh Routes aims to provide a unique food program that promotes dignity, choice, financial security, and healthy lifestyles. Through our innovative Mobile Grocery Stores, we will bring an abundance of nutritious and affordable fresh food directly to vulnerable and marginalized communities across Calgary and Red Deer. The fundamental pillar of our project is breaking down binaries between givers and receivers by offering an unrestricted shopping experience where community members are not limited to prepackaged food hampers that restrict choice, confidence and independence. Our markets empower community members by providing fresh produce at 50% lower prices, enabling them to leverage their financial capabilities, shop in an equitable manner, secure foods that resonate with their personal, economic and cultural preferences, and take control of their food security. This initiative aims to reinforce small businesses and the agricultural sector, as we will purchase fresh foods from ethnocultural minority-owned businesses and farmers and resell them at discounted prices to community members through our shops. This year we hope to target new communities including Indigenous and newcomers reserves across Calgary. Fresh Routes' model ensures a continuous, autonomous circulation of the local economy while enriching the food economy and agricultural sector. Our goal is to act as a direct liaison between community members and small businesses, amplifying the Local Frequency by providing growth opportunities to businesses through increased incomes and incentivizing loyal purchasing.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our initiative aims to support and engage a diverse range of community members in co-creating our community markets.

Fresh Routes offers support with no preference and does not require any proof of income. However, most participants self-identify as having difficulty in being able to afford healthy and nutritious food. Often, the participants are seniors, families with children, women, new immigrants, people of color, BIPOC and Indigenous peoples.